Saltine Crackers with seeds and rye flour

This super recipe I found it on a Russian website and I said t myself that I should try it because someone suggested me to add a dietary Saltine crackers recipe to the site. I was skeptical until I tasted it, I could not believe how simple and how good can these healthy crackers be. The seeds are very healthy and digestive, as well as the rye flour which can be found in any hypermarket.

So I recommend you with confidence, this Saltine crackers recipe and depending on what you vary in the recipe they can be sweet or salty, depending on what you sprinkle on top.

Quantity: 500 g (a plate full of Saltine crackers)
Difficulty: Easy
Preparation time: 20 min
Total preparation time: 120 min

43 g sunflower seeds or 1 / 4 cup
43 g pumpkin seeds or 1 / 4 cup
Flax seeds 29 g or 3 tablespoons
Sesame seeds 57 g or 6 tablespoons
227g rye flour or 1 + 3 / 4 cups
0.25 teaspoons salt
29 g sunflower oil or 2 tablespoons
21 g or 1 tablespoon honey, you can put honey or agaves syrup
170 g water 3 / 4 cup
1 whites eggs, but is optional to use it you can just brush a little oil on the crackers

Getting Started

1. Weigh the sunflower, flax and pumpkin seeds. Then crumble it well in a blender or coffee grinding machine.

2. Add to the flour the sesame seeds (they are not chopped) and salt. Mix all ingredients well.

3. Then add flour and oil.

4. Dissolve the honey in warm water and poor the agaves syrup.

5. Add the remaining ingredients and mix them well with the souse with a spoon until all the ingredients are incorporated. Another option would be to put all the ingredients in the bread making machine and leave them in there for 5-10 minutes to be mixed.

6. Put more rye flour on the table and remove the above dough here. It’s a sticky batter that’s why you use flour so it doesn’t stick to your hands or table. I knead it for 2-3 minutes so the flour on the table gets incorporated.

7. Divide it into 4 balls.

8. Stretch a ball of dough with the roller, but make sure to sprinkle flour before you do so n order to prevent it to stick to the table and to stretch easier. Sheet thickness should be 1 – 1.5 mm. If it is too sticky and you can not work it let it rest 10-15 minutes. But from my own experience I know that the dough is very easy to be worked, just make sure you put the flour.

9. With a knife or pizza cutter cut diamonds, triangles of dough lying on the table.

10. In an oven tray, place baking paper and arrange the diamonds shaped dough on it, with a little distance between them.

Before you put them in the oven brush them as follows:

1. For Saltine crackers with salt – brush with egg white mixed with 2 tablespoons of water, sprinkle salt and sesame.

2. For sweet glaze – Mix egg white with 1 tablespoon of honey, sprinkle sugar and brush them.

3. For the vegetarian variant just brush with a little sunflower oil or olive oil and sprinkle salt, seeds or sugar.

11. Put them in the oven at medium heat and leave them till hey get slightly browned and but be careful not to make them completely brown, since they are not good for eating then. They bake very fast so pay attention to them, don’t live them unattended for a long time.
Perfect would be to have two oven trays to make them all at once it will be faster, and you could bake them a bit up and a bit down in the oven. My trays are obsolete, and they do not bake good anything in fact they burn everything I put on them and I do not use them anymore, instead I bake in Teflon pans and although it takes a little longer I haven’t burned anything in them.

12. Remove them from the tray and let them cool slightly, and then they get even crispier.
They will be eaten very quickly and you can not leave them unattended around kids.

Enjoy your meal!