Pancakes Dough

It is the pancake dough that I learned how to make in school during the “work” hours.
I love it as I learned it although I’ve improved, the recipe, the procedure is still classical.

Difficulty: Easy
Preparation time: 15 min
Total preparation time: 30min

3 egg pieces
500 ml cow’s milk
300 g white flour of high quality
100 ml sunflower oil
1/3 teaspoons of salt
1/2 teaspoons of cinnamon
1/2 teaspoons of rum essence

Getting Started

1. I prefer to make this recipe in classic form, by using a wooden spoon. So you can adjust the consistency of your pancakes very well. You can do them the first time by my method, observing how much flour and milk you prefer (I mean how you want tour pancakes: thick or thin) and use the blender afterwards, mixing all ingredients at high speed.
So beat 3 eggs in a deep bowl and put a little salt and mix them.

2. If you want to make a larger quantity of pancakes but do not have enough eggs add to the beaten eggs 100 ml of milk and mix well.

3. Place the flour and stir continuously until you get a dough consistency of a thick cream.

4. Rub this mixture well until you see it is smooth and not lumpy. If you put too much flour, add a little milk as it can dissolve enough to mix more easily.

5. Add 100 ml of milk and stir until incorporated, the milk pouring process will be done in about 2-3 steps.

6. Pour milk until the dough gets the consistency of a creamy liquid, do not make it very liquidly since then you will have problems with his frying. Better add more milk after you have made the first 2-3 pancakes, and note that it can dissolve. If you want thicker pancakes, dough should be more consistent, if you want thinner pancakes, make a more liquid batter.
Then, pour 50 ml oil, cinnamon and rum essence in the batter, mix well.
Warning! If the batter is still lumpy, use blender or mixer to dissolve.

7. Heat the pan well for pancakes, and brush a little oil. Allow oil to heat well, but do not let it burn.

8. Pour about half of batter in the pan, if the dough is more liquid then pour less.

9. Distribute dough evenly onto the pan and cook over medium heat until it gets slightly browned.

10. Bake them well on both sides. Pancakes are turned on the other side using a wooden paddle.
If you see that they are pretty thick add a little milk.
Eat them hot with jam, or you can make them oven with various fillings.

Enjoy your meal!