Mushroom soup with vegetables

Cooking time approximately 55 minutes
Complexity Low.

2 pieces of carrot,
1 piece of parsnip,
a parsley root,
2 pieces of onion,
150 gr. cream,
one teaspoon of flour,
1 cup of rice
50 gr. of butter
150-200 gr. mushrooms
1-1 / 2 l of water

We will firs peel the vegetables for the soup and place them in a pot with water and some salt on the fire. When the vegetables are cooked, strain them and put the water back to boil. In the moment when it begins to boil, place the mushrooms after you have washed and sliced them good . Let them boil braised, for about 20 minutes, until mushrooms have softened nicely. Mix flour with a little cold water in a bowl, and then poor it in the pot. We will let it boil for another 15-20 minutes together then we will, adjust it for of salt and add the butter, cream, the fine cut parsley foils and a little pepper and, optionally, a cup of rice if this was cleaned, washed and cooked separately.

We recommend serving the mushroom soup with vegetables and cheese covered croutons.
Great appetite!