How to Eliminate Persistent Food Odors

When you cook a delicious meal, the food smell is appealing and invites you to eat, but once you finish eating you want all the food odor to disappear from your kitchen. To do so, you can use this advice that help you eliminate the persistent food odors and obtain a clean and fresh air.

In the kitchen

The kitchen is where you cook and mix many ingredients which smell good in the beginning, but if you feel the smell for a long time, it can become disturbing. To keep the persistent odors from irritating your senses, here are some tricks you can use to eliminate the food odors in your kitchen.

Air purifier

The easiest way to eliminate the persistent food odors from your kitchen is to use an air purifier, a device that is famous for its absorbing and filtering properties. Before choosing a particular model, you should read more than one air purifier review in order to understand how these devices work and which type of unit would be best for you. The air purifier attracts the air particles, runs the air through a filter that retains the small dust and odor particles and releases clean and fresh air back into the room, a working process that is very efficient in the kitchen. When reading an air purifier review, make sure that the unit in question is designed for dealing with persistent food odors and not other types of air contaminants.

Spice flavors

Cinnamon sticks, lemon zest, and lavender are only some natural air fresheners that can freshen the air in your home immediately. Put some of these flavors on a plate and leave them overnight, or boil them in water and place the scented water in the kitchen to add it a pleasant smell.

In the refrigerator

Here you keep all kinds of food from cheese to fish, fruits, and cooked food, and often, when you open the door, you sense an unpleasant food odor. In order to eliminate it, there are some tricks you can try on at home.


Put in the fridge a bowl with the juice from half a lemon that will work like a blotter with high power of absorption, while releasing a fresh citrus scent.


When you wash your refrigerator, add some vinegar to the water to make sure you will attract the odors while you remove the bacteria.

Baking soda

A plate with baking soda placed in your fridge will absorb all the mixed food odors and will give the refrigerator a clean smell.

In the microwave

To get rid of the bad odor inside the microwave, you will need half a lemon squeezed, a microwave proof bowl and some water. Put the lemon into the bowl, then pour water enough to fill half the bowl, leave the bowl for five minutes with the oven turned on and then wipe the interior with a clean towel. If the odor still persists, leave the water inside for two more minutes.

The stove and oven

To avoid the odor of burnt oil, place a slice of apple in the pan before placing it on the stove. When the apple has turned black, you should change the oil, also you should throw the remaining oil once you have finished frying the food. If the odor persists, boil a pot of water with vinegar and orange peel to absorb the nasty odor from your kitchen. The apple slices also work for removing the steak odor from your oven.