Home made mayonnaise

I learned this recipe in Romania and became obsessed on using it. I don’t use bought mayonnaise for two years now.

Difficulty: Easy
Preparation time: 10 min
Total preparation time: 15 min


1 piece of egg yolk – cooked yolk.
1 piece of egg yolk – raw yolk.
250 ml sunflower oil
Lemon 1 pc
1 tablespoon mustard
1/3 teaspoons of salt
450 g creamy yogurt This ingredient is optional.

Getting Started

1. Mix the egg yolks until they are not lumpy anymore.

2. It incorporates the oil little by little, first put about 1 teaspoon, then you can put more. It is recommended to mix the composition only in one direction.

3. Along the way as you incorporate the oil, squeeze a little lemon juice. After you put all the oil, add mustard, salt and if needed more lemon juice. Do these after your taste.
It is not necessary to use all the oil, just as it is not necessary to stop at the amount of oil written in the recipe, it depends on how much mayonnaise you need. Withthese two yolks can make a huge bowl of mayonnaise, if needed. But then increase the amount of lemon, mustard and salt.

4. It is easy to make a creamy mayonnaise by adding some creamy yogurt (this can be added optionally), I can assure that you will not hurt the mayonnaise but vice versa.
This process will give you a special flavor mayonnaise, and make it creamier.

5. Prior to use check if it needs more salt, mustard or lemon juice.

Enjoy your meal!