Fusion salad

A salad that deserves to be prepared for Christmas, I know that without boeuf salad there can be no other way, but even so I recommend you to try this one.

Basically this salad has no specific name but I said to be “Fusion” because this combines some ingredients that I do not usually combine – but here they are perfect (and I don’t like weird combinations but I’m receptive to everything new). How about the combination – raisins + pickled cucumbers + meat…. etc? Well you should know it’s beautiful and unbelievably good. Give a sweet raisins, carrot flavor and color, meat + cheese fullness, I could go more, because every ingredient is perfectly combined with each other.

Thanks to many of my Neisse which is always an inspiration for beautiful and tasty salads, I went to her new home and served us with this salad.

Quantity: 1 kg (1 plate pay large)
Difficulty: Easy
Preparation time: 20 min
Total preparation time: 60 min

300 ml mayonnaise home made

Chicken breast fillet 1 piece and skinless
Classic Cheese 200 g
Raisins 150 g recommended if found, to take golden raisins – looks better in salads – although the taste does not change anything
Pickles 4 pieces
3 pieces white onion
Marinated Carrots 200g marinated by the method set out below, if you do not have a special grater use a simple one or scrape it with the blender.
100 ml sunflower oil
2 tablespoons flour
3 garlic cloves 3 pieces

Getting Started

1. First you got to marinated carrots – I know that some people buy it already made, but you can do it at home – grate the carrots thin and add ingredients according to recipe of marinated carrot salad from our site. You can use it immediately, but may be a few days old and left in the fridge, pressed well in a jar.
Next the meat which is cut small cubes, place in oil quality and stir regularly.

2. When well browned add some salt and some spices if you like – but not required. Remove from heat and carefully remove with a range the pieces of meat and oil let them drain on a plate.

3. Cut the onion Julian and put it in oil to roast.

4. Then when it softens and begins to brown add 2 tablespoons flour, stir and leave to make a browned crust. Turn off heat and remove on a plate to drain the oil.

5. Now the most simple, you have nothing else to cook / boil – just cut them and arrange them on a plate.
Take a larger plate and put the cooked meat in the middle, next onion, marinated carrots and the washed raisins.

6. Cut it into cubes or thin rods the cheese, depending on how you like and would be more convenient – and it put it on the plate.

7. Cut cucumbers into cubes and put the last, so be careful to distribute the ingredients do not remain empty spaces.

8. Mix the mayonnaise well with garlic.

Enjoy your meal!