Chicken soup

Preparation time: 1 hour.
Ingredients: chicken wings, back and giblets from chicken, 1 onion, 1 carrot, 1 celery, 2 potatoes, 3 tomatoes, herbs, a handful of small pasta salt and pepper after your taste


We will start by cutting the chicken into fine, reasonable sized peaces, oil the chicken let it boil but remember to collect the foam. When the meat is cooked, we will add a finely chopped onion, celery and carrot grated data, and diced potatoes. We will also add a handful of small pasta.

We can scald the tomatoes and then peel them, or we can give them a grate, giving away the peel. At this point we can add the tomatoes to the chicken soup after we make sure the vegetables and the pasta are cooked. Tomatoes will make the soup a bit sour. If the bird was fat, then we can add lemon juice at the end, when all are cooked. Add salt and pepper or other spices to your soup according to taste.

Sprinkles finely chopped herbs and serve the red hot chicken soup directly on a plate as a main meal.
You can serve your chicken soup with croutons, cheese good work now the soup is ready.

Great appetite!