Chicken drum

Yes, yes there is no error in the title it really is a drum made of chicken and it is delicious. I am among those persons who don’t have confidence in some sausage found in stores. I never had the courage to buy this specialty as there are too many requirements to make a drum sound and good. We eat only traditional home made drum if we do, since we use only safe and fresh ingredients.
And so after many years looking for a recipe for a simple drum that I could do in city conditions, I came across one that my ant used to do and after I did it I got a great result, very good consistency and flavor.
It is important to choose a round container for the drum shape, a great example would be the juice container.

Quantity: 1 piece (a drum of about 10-15 cm)
Difficulty: medium
Preparation time: 120 min
Total preparation time: 180 min
1.5 kg whole grilles chicken with a lot of meat
Gelatin 35 g
3 pieces bay leaf
Black pepper (seeds) 5 pieces
5 garlic 5 cloves pieces of garlic
1 tablespoon salt

Getting Started

1. Wash the meat well, I removed the skin and fatty areas I only left the wings.

2. Place the chicken, jelly, bay leaf, peppercorns and salt in a medium pot.

3. I took a pot of about 3 liters in which I placed the meat. Now take another pot of more than 5 liters or so and make sure you choose them to fit one another. In the bigger one only place half the water it can retain while in the smaller one place the meat meat.

4. Put the small pot in the bigger one that has the water in it. make sure there is water under the small pot, but not enough to go out on the edges.
Now light the fire, let the water in large pot begin to boil well, then turn the heat low, put a lid on top of them and let them cook for 3 hours. The meat will leave its own juice and so will bake really good and slowly without damaging the properties of the gelatin.

5. During this time turn the pieces of meat about 2 times. After 3 hours the meat will look like it is discomposing from the skeleton.
If in this time the water level drops from the large pot, add a little hot water to replenish it.

6. Remove the small pot from the water, so you can take the pieces of meat on a plate to cool well.

7. Meanwhile prepare the drum juice.
Here it is recommended to use garlic, it is perfect for me to ground them well, and mix them with the juice and then strain it all. If you want it to be spicier place the chopped garlic directly in the meat.

Taste the juice for salt and add as needed but keep in mind that the gelatin can affect the salt taste and it will hide it.

8. Meat is chosen from the bones and broken into pieces.
I first placed garlic directly into the meat and the garlic aroma was very spicy. It can be eaten on bread in the morning, however you may not agree to these because of the very strong smell of garlic.

So up to you, or put in garlic juice and strain, will have only a faint odor of garlic. Or put crushed or cut garlic very small directly into the meat and then the drum will be spicier.

9. Place the meat in a plastic juice bottle, cut the “neck” of it and wash it well. Pour soup in so that it covers well the meat.

10. Cover the box with foil and refrigerate it for several hours; it is perfect to leave it over night.

11. After this time cut the bottle with scissors and remove the drum from it and it’s ready. Note that due to the shape of the bottle you will get a perfectly sized drum.

12. You can slice it as you like, cut it very nicely and evenly because of the gelatin concrete.

13. Store it in the refrigerator wrapped in baking paper.

Enjoy your meal!