Boeuf salad

A classic salad I learned to do with pickles and the Romanian version seems most successful and very tasty.

Quantity: 2 kg (I think it would be about 10 servings)
Difficulty: Easy
Preparation time: 30 min
Total preparation time: 60 min

Pre-cooked ingredients
400 ml mayonnaise home made

Potatoes 4 pieces
Carrots 3 pieces
Celery root 1 piece If it is small, then take 2 pieces.
Pork leg / Beef meat 300 g
Pickles 5 pieces
Pickled green tomatoes 5 pieces
Pickled peppers (paprika) 2 pieces
400 ml mayonnaise

Getting Started
1. Wash and boil potatoes, carrots and celery. After about 30 minutes of boil take them off the oven and cool them with cold water and clean them. You can cook them in the microwave, put them in a baking dish, a few tablespoons of water to the bottom and cover with a lid. Let them 20-25 minutes at maximum power.

Boil the pork / beef meat an hour or an hour and a half, it would be good to prepare in advance. Or if you want the process to be faster, use chicken breast, it only takes 30minutes to be cooked.

2. Cut into small pieces all vegetables, pickles and meat and place them in a large bowl.

3. Prepare house mayonnaise, or use the one from commerce (in this case lettuce taste changes much, depending on the quality of the bought mayonnaise).
I recommend the use of homemade mayonnaise for this salad.

4. Add the chopped ingredients to the mayonnaise.

5. Mix very well, salt moderately. You can add more pickles if you like your salad more sour.

6. Place everything in a bowl, decorated with pieces of pickles, olives, etc. leave it for 2-3 hours to rest since it tastes better, when all the flavors of the different ingredients penetrate each other.

Enjoy your meal!