Appliances You Never Thought Could Cook

People use a lot of appliances in their kitchens and in their lives that are intended for only one purpose. For example, the dishwasher is designed to wash dishes, the coffee maker to make coffee, the oven to cook and the washing machine to wash clothes. But what if we used all these appliances to cook food? Using household appliances creatively can result into a cheap and healthy meal, especially if you are living in a dorm or spending a lot of time on hotel rooms. Appliances that you never thought could cook can be used to make salmon, noodles, bacon, eggs and oatmeal. These methods are also a great idea if you live in an area with very hot summers where preheating the oven can turn the kitchen into a sauna. Here are a few suggestions:

Dishwasher Cooking

Dishwasher cooking is becoming an increasingly popular cooking method and the results are surprisingly good. Although you won’t find any information about this in any integrated dishwasher reviews, food experts say that food can be cooked within a normal dishwasher cycle if it is tightly sealed. You can place ingredients into an airtight container or a vacuum packed bag so the dirty, soapy water won’t touch them. The salmon can be tightly wrapped in aluminum foil. This method is also environmentally friendly because it allows you to cook while washing dishes.

So, if you don’t own a dishwasher yet, you should check out the latest 2015 dishwasher reviews and buy a quality unit. After all, if the fact that the dishwasher could save you time and money wasn’t enough to convince you to invest in a a dishwasher, now you have another reason. That being said, start studying the most recent 2015 dishwasher reviews and see which unit would bet suit your kitchen.

Coffee Maker Cooking

A coffee maker can do much more than brew coffee. This is one of the appliances you never thought could cook grilled cheese, oatmeal, poached salmon, steamed broccoli and boiled eggs. The idea of using coffee makers is becoming more and more popular. According to specialized websites, you can also cook macaroni and cheese, hamburgers, scrambled eggs, pumpkin soup, couscous and miniature cakes. Cooking with your coffee maker can become a fun science experiment. This appliance gives you three basing cooking techniques: poaching in the carafe, steaming in the basket and grilling on the burner.

Cooking with an Iron

If you are traveling a lot and the idea of room service seems too expensive or you just miss a home cooked meal, you can use the plain iron and some aluminum foil to make bacon and eggs. All you have to do is wrap the bacon in the foil and just iron it. Make sure you wrap it in several layers so the grease won’t escape. To make sunny-side up eggs, turn the iron so the flat part is up and place the eggs into a mini pot made from the foil. Add a bit of water and poach your egg.

Washing Machine Cooking

More and more people are experimenting with the washing machine, and although it is unconfirmed, apparently you can cook vegetables, noodles and potatoes. Many Japanese students use the washing machine to make noodles, but you can also use it to defrost ingredients placed into a waterproof freezer bag. If you want to give the noodles a try, start by cleaning the washing machine with a short program. Next, place the noodles inside and start a 15 to 20 minutes program without detergent. After the cycle is over, add spices.