It’s a Russian name and is one of the most aromatic and tasty sauces from many countries of the former USSR cuisine. It can be eaten with meat products, vegetables and other foods as such. Often made at home this year’s version seems most successful and tasty recipe I’ve tried out yet.

It is simply made just that it takes longer to boil but this is the process which gives the taste and flavor. You really need to try this recipe out even in small quantity to taste and appreciate it I recommend it.

Quantity: 6 l (6 liters)
Difficulty: medium
Preparation time: 300 min
Total preparation time: 60 min

Tomatoes 5 kg
Red pepper (paprika) 1 kg
Apples 1 kg
Carrots 1 kg
300 g garlic
Chili pepper 8 pieces put all you want, adjust to how spicy you like it
Vinegar 250 ml
300 g sugar
Salt 250 g
Sunflower Oil 1 l

Getting Started

1. All vegetables are washed clean.

2. Pass through grinder or food processor.

3. Now put in a pot or larger vessel to boil.

4. When they start to boil lower the heat and allow them 2 hours to cook – stir regularly.

5. After the 2 hours add oil and vinegar.

6. After around 30 minutes add the chopped or passed through the blender chili peppers. Mix well and leave them to boil for 2 hours while stirring periodically.

7. After the 2h add the mashed garlic, salt and sugar. Mix and leave them to boil 30 minutes.

8. Mix the whole composition in the blender machine until you obtain a uniform paste then let it boil 20 minutes.
Meanwhile prepared jars – wash and dry them in oven at 100-150 degrees.

9. Pour into jars, stapled well and let cool. Store them in a cool place, store, balcony, cellar.

Enjoy your meal!